How being insecure, actually made me a better photographer

We all have insecurities. Some more than others. And I felt like I paid a lot of attention to what other photographers were doing, and how this compared to my work. While I don’t suggest that having insecurities is a good thing, it actually made me a better photographer.

Social media can be a great way to connect with clients, showcase your work and build your brand. But it also has a dark side. As consumers we see these beautiful photos of pregnant moms, wedding days, babies, homes and everything in between. It can make it hard to not feel a bit of insecurity and an unrealistic sense of missing out or not being good enough. But the thing with social media is that it is an illusion. Photos are posted because they are so beautiful and portray a life that in most cases is not realistic.

Well, I definitely got caught into that trap. I was watching what other photographers were posting, blogging about and projects they were working on. I wanted that too! I really wanted to build my brand and create a financial stability in my business. While I am definitely not where I want to be yet professionally. These insecurities pushed MJP (3 of 4)me out of my comfort zone to try new things and expand my reach in the industry. I started reaching out to these photographers that I admired and asked questions. What pre-sets do you use? What lens did you use to take this picture? Where is this picture located? What do you charge?

What I found was that a lot of photographers are so willing to help you out and let others know what they are using and how they are doing what they are doing. Gaining this knowledge, I went back and started to look at this new equipment, pre-sets, better photography locations and I just got out there and started shooting and posting.

My insecurities, while not ideal, were actually pushing me to cultivate the brand and lifestyle that I wanted. I will forever be growing and have so much more to learn, but turn your insecurities into a positive.