Making Cake Pops with Melissa Jane

Well, you are here on my photography blog, hoping to see some posts about photography and stuff… Instead here is a blog post about making cake pops?!?! I have had quite a few people ask me to share my tricks and tips on making these adorable treats, so I figured a blog post was the easiest way. I have also made all of the mistakes so you don’t have to.

1.The first step is to make your cake. I use a box cake mix because lets be real, no one has time to make things from scratch. I make the mix and put it into a glass dish and cook that baby until done.

See that little square missing in the vanilla cake…. yup that was me tasting it. Have to make sure it is safe to share, right?

2. Once the cake is cool you can put it into a bowl. Crumble the cake completely, the finer the better.

3. The next step is to take some frosting, and add a good scoop. You will now have the chance to get your hands dirty.. You will mix the icing with the cake. Once you have mixed the cake and icing your batter should like something like this.

4. Next, you will need to melt some chocolate for attaching the cake pop to the stick. I used white chocolate for these cake pops. I also use a cookie scoop so that each cake pop is the same size.

5. Take a scoop of the cake batter and roll it into a nice ball.

6. Next, is to take a cake pop stick (I buy mine from either Michael’s or BulkBarn) and dip it in the white chocolate, then insert it into the cake pop. Make sure to not insert it too far that it goes through the other side.

7. You can now repeat the last step and make all of your cake pops, placing them on a baking sheet. Once you have them all completed, place the whole tray into the freezer. This is the most important part!

8. While the cake pops are setting, you can melt the rest of your chocolate and get ready to dip the cake pops in. I always place my chocolate in a cup, it makes it easier to dip.

9. You can now take the cake pops out of the freezer and start to dip your cake pops into the chocolate. Dipping the cake pop fully into the chocolate and making sure that you shake off all of the excess chocolate before placing on the baking sheet.

10. Make sure to place any sprinklers onto the cake pop right away as the chocolate will harden very quickly.

Now you have the best cake pops!!! I have also frozen these before and they are still just as good.